Natural, Organic and 100% Safe Cure for CTS

Our heritage can be traced back to India, and we decided to explore this region for alternative treatments. We discovered that carpal tunnel syndrome afflicts many people there, however the solution was a natural one, rather than a pharmaceutical one. After much research on this ancient treatment we decided to bring it back to the UK.

Find out our treatment can help you and others just like you, and why we understand how CTS can impact your life.

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How to Apply CTS Treatment

The natural pain cure treatment can be applied in four simple steps:

  • Simply mix the oil and powder. 1 level teaspoon of CTS oil and ½ tea spoon of powder
  • Heat the CTS oil and CTS powder for 60 seconds in a microwave
  • Using cotton wool, apply the treatment
  • Apply bandage or wrap and apply to where the pain is with gloves
  • Be careful, making sure the oil isn't too hot and doesn't burn you (but make sure the oil is hot when applied - heat is an important component)
  • Repeat this process daily for 7 days. We recommend applying it before going to bed

After a week your ailment will be cured! If not, we'll give you your money back!

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